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Open Committee Positions 2017-18:

Public Relations:

  • Write and send press release to local media
  • Send post write-up to press with photo
  • Take photo of event speaker and send to Web Producer and Constant Contact person
  • Attend committee meetings, as available
  • Attend Coffee Break

PTA Coffee Talk Book Club:

  • Work with committee to decide on book (this year, “How to Raise an Adult”)
  • Book venue for the discussion (we talked about maybe Polar)
  • Work with PTA Coffee Talk Graphic Artist to create a flyer to announce what book we’ll be ready and when we’ll meet to discuss the book
  • Work with Website Producer to announce on the PTA Coffee Talk website
  • Work with School Liaisons to promote on each campus
  • Work with Constant Contact committee member to promote through Coffee Talk email
  • Work with Email Distribution member to promote through PTA email
  • Host discussion, if you’re comfortable (otherwise I can do that)
  • Have discussion questions that refer to the key points of the book

If you’re interested in volunteering for one of these positions, please email sharaelkolberg@gmail.com. Thank you!