Dr. Rotbart: No Regrets Parenting

Jan 2017: Dr. Rotbart

Wed., Jan. 18, 2017
Hotel Laguna
8:30-10:15 a.m.


No Regrets Parenting teaches parents how to experience the joy and depth of the parenting experience amidst the chaos and choreography of daily routines. Car pool, bath time, soccer practice, homework, dinner hour, and sleepovers all become more than just obligations and hurdles to overcome to get through the day. They are opportunities for intimate and meaningful time–quality time–with young kids. It’s not how much time you have with your kids, but how you spend that time that matters in the life and legacy of a young family. No Regrets Parenting readjusts parents’ perspectives and priorities, helping them find the time to do it all and feel good about your kids’ childhood.

No Regrets Parenting is a book for busy parents in our busy times. Juggling family and professional lives is not a course taught in high school or college–many parents find the challenges of being all things to all people daunting. How to do it all? How to stay sane while trying to do it all?

About Dr. Rotbart:
Dr. Rotbart is a nationally-renowned parenting expert, pediatrician, speaker, and educator. He serves on the Advisory Boards of Parents Magazine and Parents.com, and previously was a member of the Advisory Board of Children’s Health Magazine. Dr. Rotbart has been a Pediatrics specialist for the past 34 years. He received his M.D. degree from Cornell University.