Dr. Weichman: How to Deal with Today’s Teenager

Mar 2017: Dr. Jerry

  • How to Deal with Today’s Teenager:
  • State of today’s teens
  • Latest trends; apps and dangerous behavior
  • Teen dating trends
  • Warning signs; Recognizing anxiety and / or depression in your teen
  • How to bully-proof your teen
  • Navigating the party scene: drugs, alcohol, pills
  • Navigating electronics: Internet and social media, smart-phones, videogames
  • How to hold them accountable academically without micromanaging them
  • Warning Signs your teen is beginning to struggle
  • Behavioral parenting your child at this age
  • Maintaining your sanity and your relationship
  • Increasing communication and your connection with your son/daughter

About Dr. Jerry Weichman Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and adolescent specialist as well as an author, speaker and parenting expert. His clinical practice at Hoag Hospital’s Neurosciences Institute in Newport Beach, California provides a window on contemporary teen and pre-teen behavior. He also founded The Weichman Clinic and its Teen Brain Program — the first and only truly comprehensive mental wellness program exclusively focused on children and adolescents.

“Dr. Jerry” as his adolescent patients call him, is a young Ph.D. who really relates to teens, speaks their lingo and has felt their pain. Author of the teen survival guide, How to Deal, and noted media expert on teen issues, Dr. Jerry is focused on helping teens cope with parents, teachers, friends and academic pressure, communicating with them in a way they understand and relate to — helping them successfully navigate the dramas and pressures of adolescence. He has helped over 3000 teens over 17 years in private practice.