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About PTA Coffee Talk:

The Laguna Beach PTA Coffee Talk parent education speaker series represents all school sites, administrators, and other interested community members. It has grow into a progressive program potentially impacting the entire student community because grant funding has permitted us to hire outstanding outside speakers to target the specific issues most relevant to our children.

The objectives of the PTA Coffee Talk include: (1) to impact the largest pool of parents possible to become more informed, and involved which, in turn, will greatly benefit children district-wide; (2) to offer cutting edge insight into the vital issues of raising healthy, responsible and competent children (3) to provide practical guidelines and resources to help parents take further steps with their children.

The target population of the PTA Coffee Talk includes the entire student and parent community in Laguna Beach. Parents from all four schools attend PTA Coffee Talk. We continually strive to increase our outreach in attempting to bring in new parents, and provide interesting and current topics of importance for those that attend regularly. Evening programs are sometimes held in an attempt to include those who do not often participate in school programs due to their work schedule. The benefits to students are potentially enormous as parents and community members become better informed, gain support to put into effective action new practical skills and increase their involvement. The additional indirect benefit to students is the strengthening of the parent-school partnership which results from the consistent participation at PTA Coffee Talk by the School Superintendent and district leaders, School Board members, and Principals, and the partnering between Coffee Break and district/school personnel to identify topics that may be pertinent to students and parents at a given time.

We have worked closely with the district to incorporate speakers that address current topics that may be pertinent to students, and we will continue looking for ways to improve and expand our unique parent education program.